7 Ways to Use DiSC® Styles During Conflict at Work

The Focus Is on Conflict Resolution in this DiSC® Training Workshop

Got conflict?  We can help with that!  We know there’s hardly a workplace on earth that doesn’t have at least a tiny bit of conflict taking place.  That’s why almost every workplace can benefit from a customized DiSC® Training Workshop.

The Focus Is on Conflict Resolution in this DiSC® Training Workshop

Customized DiSC® Training Workshop

DiSC® is a certified, trademarked system for understanding personality types.  Once the basic concepts of DiSC® are mastered, there’s no telling how many directions you can take things.  Armed with DiSC® personality training, groups can vastly improve their communication, and that’s just the beginning.

Take the group from Westover Job Corps, for example.  Their DiSC® training took them from basic knowledge of the four personality types to making some serious headway in the area of conflict resolution…all in one day!  Here’s how it worked…

7 hours of DiSC® training…and they loved it!

You wouldn’t think a full day of training would go over so well.  After all, that’s a pretty intense 7 hours if you think about all that’s taking place in the brain.  Participants are learning not only about themselves but about one another.  Then they’re using that knowledge to create blueprints for future improved communication at a pretty advanced level.

That’s why it’s all the more impressive that the Westover Job Corps group did such a fantastic job with their DiSC® training in western Mass.

155 participants, 7 hours, and only good things to say afterwards.  Well done!  We have to hand it to this group- they sure did excel at all the tasks we put before them.  Here’s how it went…

Anatomy of a DiSC® training workshop with Westover Job Corps.

As you may guess, DiSC® training has many levels.  We started out with an intro from our DiSC® -certified instructor.  That primed the group for the meat of the workshop: interpreting DiSC® results and learning how to identify personality styles in others.

To keep people on their toes and maintain total engagement with the participants, we mix the “heavy” stuff with lots of hands-on activities that bring home the lessons being learned.  In other words, we don’t just talk about DiSC® in these workshops, we use it!

Since learning and thinking about these new concepts of behavior are so much different from putting them to use in real-life situations, we focus heavily on the active part of the workshop with activities like:

  • Put a Pencil in It
  • Levels of Listening: “Yes, but; Yes, and” + “Mirror, Mirror” + “Four Levels” + “Who Are You?”
  • Lost at Sea
  • Telling SOB stories

Then came the real challenge, our work on conflict resolution.  Next up was the “Putting it all Together Collage”.  Finally we ended the full day with “Strength-Centered Compliments”.  Needless to say, the 155 participants in this DiSC® training went home with lots to think about!