Shape Corp

Shape Corp of Grand Haven, MI Overcomes Disconnect Through DiSC® Assessment

Shape Corp, a leader in the industry of injection molding with divisions spanning the globe, found they had a few problems with “disconnect” among their group in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Shape Corp

The solution?  A double-header with Magnovo!   When they came to us and explained that a small group within their headquarters in Grand Haven was experiencing some “bumps” in their road, we knew exactly what to suggest.

Shape Corp doubled up on workshops.

Sometimes groups need a little extra to overcome their obstacles.  That’s why there’s the DiSC® Personality Styles Workshop.  For Shape Corp, it turned out to be just the ticket.

And, because this company does everything to precision, they agreed that combining the DiSC® personality test with a Team Synergy™ workshop would really help them get the results they were seeking.  Good choice!

16 Shape Corp participants learn about personality styles.

You could say that any workshop involving a DiSC® test really gets into the meat of things.  It’s true: this workshop is a little more intense and it requires just a bit more from all the participants.

But the rewards are always worth it in the end!  This all-day event was kept light by incorporating hands-on activities into the schedule.  Participants didn’t feel as though they were “working” but rather “learning” and having fun.

A basic education on the various personality styles goes a long way towards fixing disconnect- that was our goal.  With activities like “Half Pipe” and “Helium Stick” to lighten the mood, the good hard work on personality styles seemed pretty much effortless.  The activities also led up to a module that would have been difficult had the group not been properly prepared: “Positive Characteristics Compliments”.  Good job, guys!

Shape Corp participants give good comments.

The 16 participants were able to overcome some of the disconnect they’d been experiencing at work.  Seems a little understanding does indeed go a long way.  First and foremost, lines of communication were opened way up, now that the group understood a little more on why they hadn’t been able to connect in the past.

In case you’re not familiar with DiSC® assessment, it has a lot to do with defining personality styles, then taking a look at how those styles dictate how each individual communicates in the workplace.  By understanding these basic concepts about ourselves and our colleagues at work, we can improve our communication by leaps and bounds.

This workshop was conducted on site at Shape Corp in Grand Haven, MI on October 27, 2015.