Terumo Medical Corp Graduates from DiSC® training to Superior Presentation Skills

Engaging an audience to excite them about your products is a valuable skill that’s in high demand for most businesses. Terumo Medical Corp sent a team from their Sales & Marketing division to train with us for superior presentation skills. 

For Terumo Medical Corp, who’s in the business of selling high-quality medical devices around the world, presentations are the lifeblood of business growth. But so much goes into the ability to be effective when you’re speaking in front of an audience. Some of us possess a few of these skills, others posses yet a different set of skills, and few of us possess them all.

Our very own Rob Jackson falls in that rare, latter group- he’s a natural born speaker who seems to possess all the vital skills that lead to effective public speaking. He also loves to help people! That’s why his “Superior Presentation Skills” leadership training workshop has been so successful.

The Terumo Group Had Heard Good Things…

This group from Terumo Medical Corp had heard about the DiSC® training Rob had done with other departments in their company, and they wanted to experience a similar workshop.

This new group was from the Sales & Marketing headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. That’s where we met up with them this summer for their “Superior Presentation Skills” workshop.

Feedback is a Big Part of This Workshop

Anytime you’re looking to improve your skills, it helps to have the feedback of someone who’s already a master at whatever skill you’re targeting. In this case, Rob was on hand to provide tons of feedback.

And that feedback was delivered in a few different forms. For starters, for this particular workshop, we always keep a small group size. That’s so the facilitator has a chance to work one-on-one with each participant. Part of that involves giving personalized feedback on how each person is doing on his or her presentations.

A second way participants get valuable feedback in this workshop is via the videotaping sessions. We record each participant giving a speech, and then they get to review it. Lots of helpful feedback is given during this time, and participants learn enormous amounts of information on how to improve their pubic speaking abilities.

The Terumo group was very excited to learn new skills, and we’re happy to report that the group couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome!