Why DiSC® ?

Improve leadership, teamwork and communication through understanding

The DiSC® Model is one of the most widely used personality assessments because it is easy to understand and – more importantly – apply. Compared with other personality style assessments, DiSC® is a much simpler language that is easy to interpret and remember. When the model is too complex, individuals tend to get lost in the model and training loses its effectiveness.

DiSC® is a tool that leads to behavioral change. When differences between D’s, i’s, S’s and C’s are clearly spelled out, people stop treating others the same way. They change the way they communicate with people based on their style and in the process, the behavior of everyone involved changes.

DiSC® builds mutual understanding, communication and respect among team members.

Different isn’t bad, different is just different.

Individuals can work together effectively with all personality styles provided there is mutual respect and a willingness to adapt. The DiSC® Model gives everyone a common language that helps them build more effective relationships. What does that mean in the workplace? A DiSC® assessment:

• Gives teams an understanding of one another to work together more effectively
• Reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings
• Provides a springboard for motivating individuals
• Helps individuals understand people who are not like them
• Improves workplace communication and miscommunication

Each personality style is very different and by its very nature comes with built-in conflict towards each of the other styles. Which style is best? It’s not about being right or wrong. What is important is the ability to understand and appreciate the strengths in someone whose style is different. That is the focus of DiSC® personality style workshops.